A reliable entrance to withstand occasional bumps

Do breakdowns hold up your business?

If something as common as the bump of a trolley causes a breakdown, you could find that your business is spending more time waiting for service than servicing customers. Whether they are delivery entrances, interior entrances or pedestrian entrances, all retail entrances need to be robust enough to withstand the bumps that deliveries and shoppers will inevitably bring – so you can get on with business without preventable hold ups.

Some of the avoidable issues caused by door breakdown:

• Unwanted downtime while doors are out of action

• Inability to serve customers, forcing them to shop elsewhere

• Expensive, unplanned service call-outs

Withstanding heavy traffic at Coop Forum

Coop Forum needed an entrance solution at the main entrance of their hypermarket in Kungsbacka, Sweden, which would handle heavy traffic and the added pressure of many trolleys and prams passing through. Working with ASSA ABLOY, they chose an ASSA ABLOY RD3L – a large and durable revolving door that minimizes the risk of downtime and reduces maintenance costs. The door can accommodate shopping trolleys, prams and wheelchairs with ease and also has robust, durable frames to handle the odd bump.

Entrances play a crucial role in keeping your store secure – see how ASSA ABLOY doors are designed to withstand break-ins and keep your stores secure.

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