Complete entrance solutions for Mining


Tough conditions demand strong entrances. Whatever the size, and however high requirements, we’ll supply you with products that cover almost any opening, including truck shops, wash bays, and maintenance facilities.

Together, we offer a great deal of experience with automated mining doors. We have successfully provided doors to the mining industry, from Svalbard island deep in the Arctic north to the dry plains of the Atacama desert in Chile. Robust design and high quality have ensured reliable, long-lasting results.

Suitable for extreme sizes and tough conditions

Our hangar doors are best suited for extreme sizes and extremely tough conditions and our high-performance doors are best suited for high cycle, high speed, and extremely tough conditions. Both products will cover almost any door opening in mining applications such as: truck shops, wash bays, and maintenance facilities.

We also offer world class services and engineering experience and have sales and service offices located in every major mining region in the world. Contact us to discuss our range of automated entrance system solutions and the ways we can apply them in your mining facility.