Complete entrance solutions for Manufacturing


Use our automatic entrances to separate environments throughout your facility, minimize contamination risks, maintain temperatures and safeguard food products in cold storage areas and protect your workers and equipment in busy, high traffic areas.

Our complete product range includes specialized options to meet the entrance needs for the front, back and interior of any manufacturing facility. Our automatic doors includes swing, sliding and revolving doors that provides smooth flow of people. The industrial doors and loading dock equipment features superior docking shelters, and automated lifts and levelers for the utmost convenience. The high-performance doors provide lightning-fast opening and closing speed, that provide a smooth flow of goods.

Reduce high energy cost

All of our products offer significant energy savings. Tight sealing reduces air infiltration and the option for insulation further controls environments. The benefits of automation, including safe and effortless flow of vehicles, goods and people, make our entrance solutions ideal for reducing the high energy costs associated with large manufacturing facilities.

ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems also offers world class maintenance and modernization services. Our considerable experience in each product area ensures high quality service, invaluable engineering expertise and a strong presence in every major region of the world. Contact us to discuss our range of automated entrance system solutions and the ways we can apply them in your manufacturing facility.