Complete entrance solutions for Healthcare

Give your entrances a clean bill of health using our products. We offer you tailored solutions for your main entrance, infection clinic, surgery area, X-ray rooms, operating theaters, kitchen areas, emergency rooms and more.

It takes a complete partner like ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, with extensive experience and a wide product portfolio of automatic doors, industrial doors, loading dock equipment and high-performance doors to meet all the challenges when it comes to entrances in healthcare.

The main entrance, infection clinic, surgery area, X-ray rooms, operating theatres, kitchen areas and emergency rooms all have entrances, but their demands differ. This is why every hospital and service residence requires tailored solutions for each location. ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems provide added convenience, security and safety for staff, for people with mobility or sensory impairment, and most importantly – when saving seconds will save lives.

In a time of increased awareness of infectious disease and hazardous biological materials, our products help to maintain and increase the safety when isolating sensitive areas like surgeries, infection wards and the like. Quality automated entrance solutions can help reduce costs, save energy and prevent damage to doors and other equipment, while also improving internal logistics and generally making life easier for all users.

Application expertise around the world

Reliable products, continuous development and groundbreaking maintenance programmes make ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems the leading global supplier of entrance solutions to the healthcare sector. Our product portfolio offers products and solutions globally, but our point of view is always local for every single application. Contact us to discuss our range of automated entrance system solutions and the ways we can apply them in your healthcare facility.