Dry storage


Secured and assured. With so much in motion, your business needs extra protection. Not only for the goods themselves, but also for the equipment that handles them.

Space savings and smooth arrivals

In this dry storage solution, a Crawford dock door acts as a gateway to the loading bay. No indoor space is wasted, thanks to a Crawford loadhouse placed just outside. At the vehicle interface is a durable Crawford SMP curtain dock shelter, whose self-adjusting top section adapts to the vehicles and their vertical movement during unloading. When vehicles arrive, the LED lights of a Crawford Dock-IN package direct them safely into position. A Crawford teledock then extends to the vehicle bed, creating a smooth passage between the leveller and bed with its uniquely flat aluminum lip.

Flexibility from sealing to unloading

This dry storage solution begins with a vertically rising Crawford dock door. Beyond it is a Crawford SIR inflatable shelter, whose roller-design top seal is automatically activated upon the arrival of low or high vehicles. Since the shelter follows the vehicle’s vertical movements, the seal remains tight during unloading. Equal flexibility is provided by a Crawford combidock, which allows trucks or vans to use the same ramp upon the turn of a switch. The combidock also follows the vehicle’s vertical movements and keeps the lip against the bed if the vehicle should move horizontally.

A simple standard for savings

In this simple and economical dry storage solution where headroom is available, a Crawford dock door rises vertically to uncover the door opening. Vehicles arriving at the bay are served by a manually operated Crawford minidock, which is ideal for standardized fleets whose vehicles have the same bed height. A limited free-floating function allows the platform to adapt to the vertical movement of the vehicle as it is loaded.