Cold storage


Managing the barrier between heat and cold is not just a matter of comfort. It is a way to cut energy use and CO2 emissions, which protects the environment and keep your costs in check.

A cold seal below as well as above

In this cold storage solution, an insulating Crawford overhead sectional door slides up under the roof. Beyond it is a Crawford SIB inflatable shelter, installed into a frame construction with energy-conserving insulated panels. Arriving vehicles back safely into the bay with the help of the LED lights in a Crawford Dock-IN package. Instead of the vehicles pushing up against the shelter, the shelter itself inflates around them for complete sealing. A telescopic Crawford isodock keeps energy from being lost during loading and unloading, thanks to insulation beneath that creates a hermitic seal against the surrounding warm air.

Opening last to put energy first

An insulating Crawford overhead sectional door opens onto a Crawford loadhouse with HII insulation in this cold storage solution. However, the door does not open until an energy-efficient Crawford SIB inflatable shelter has inflated and sealed around the docked vehicle. Only after the overhead sectional door slides up under the roof do the vehicle’s rear doors open inside the shelter. This sequence is enabled by the specially designed Crawford stepdock leveller. Completing a sealed passage before the doors are opened protects the cold chain, increases safety and prevents the theft of goods.