Single-leaf shipyard door systems

ASSA ABLOY single leaf shipyard door at Pendennis UK
ASSA ABLOY single leaf shipyard door at Pendennis UK
Single leaf shipyard doors at RDM Rotterdam
ASSA ABLOY single leaf shipyard door at Baltic Shipyard St Petersburg
ASSA ABLOY single leaf shipyard door at Damen Shipyard
ASSA ABLOY single leaf shipyard door
ASSA ABLOY vertical lifting fabric door installed at Monaco Marine, Monaco

Keep more of your production floor space free with a single-leaf shipyard door system

Our single-leaf shipyard door systems lift vertically and require virtually no side room, which means you can keep more of your valuable productions space. Having no floor tracks, they enable smother passage for your vehicles and equipment. The doors are well-proven in marine environments and designed to withstand coastal weather with high wind loads. They also tolerate welding and grinding sparks or blast media overspray. Single-leaf shipyard doors offer a very reliable and tight-seal verified during 30 years of performance in the world’s most active hurricane regions.

Highly reliable and corrosion-resistant, single leaf shipyard doors require very little maintenance. All the doors are available in translucent fabrics for natural lighting.

Working with ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems puts your facility in the hands of skilled and experienced engineers who are ready to support you through the entire operating life of your shipyard doors. Receive the highest-class expertise – from site analysis and engineering specifications to installation, commissioning, service and support.

ASSA ABLOY VL3190 Megadoor vertical-lifting fabric door

The Megadoor VL3190 vertical -lifting fabric door is the preferred door model for extremely large door openings needed for shipyard halls. This space-saving door can be made to almost any size and has virtually no side room requirements or footprint. Doors can be precisely dimensioned for wind loads, employing non-corrosive components.



Technical description

ASSA ABLOY VL3190 Megadoor vertical-lifting fabric door

  • Max size (W/H): 19000 / 20000 mm (other sizes on request)
  • Door leaf thickness: 290 mm
  • Guide rails material: aluminium
  • Vision panels: optional
  • Wind load resistance (differential pressure): can withstand almost any wind load by varying the size and the spacing of the intermediate sections
  • Sound reduction (standard): 15 dB Rw (ISO 717)
  • Water resistance, EN 13241: class 3
  • Air permeability, EN 12426: class 2
  • Thermal transmittance, EN 12428: depending on door size, specific data on request
  • Normal opening speed: 0,2 - 0,3 m/s
  • Operating environment temperature range: -35°C to +70°C

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