ASSA ABLOY step autodock

ASSA ABLOY DL6120STA Step dock leveler
ASSA ABLOY DL6120STA Step dock leveler
ASSA ABLOY DL6120STA Step dock leveler
ASSA ABLOY DL6120STA Step dock leveler

Increase the efficiency and safety of the docking process with the ASSA ABLOY step autodock

The step autodock provides increased efficiency and safety for the docking process. The design was developed to let a truck dock to the loading bay with closed rear doors. Docking first and opening the doors later provides a number of benefits. Besides increasing efficiency and safety, it also allows energy savings and improved hygiene and working conditions.

It’s the ideal solution for various applications:

  • Hygienic transport when there is a high focus on safety
  • Food logistics which demand an unbroken cold chain
  • Container transport with customs requirements
  • When there is high attention on theft prevention

The innovative and unique ASSA ABLOY 950 series docking control system offers perfect control of the dock leveller, dock shelter and door, all in one control unit. A few self-explaining buttons make the system easy to operate. Separate steering units or complex wiring are no longer needed.

ASSA ABLOY DL6120STA step autodock*

The ASSA ABLOY DL6120STA step autodock is a telescopic lip-dock leveler with a self-supporting frame for easy integration with the building. It forms a base for a complete loadhouse outside the building, containing all relevant components, leveler, shelter and door to make it a total docking solution.

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BIM objects

Download the ASSA ABLOY step autodock leveler as a BIM object:
Technical description

ASSA ABLOY DL6120STA step autodock dock leveler

  • Nominal length: 2450 mm (other sizes on request)
  • Nominal width: 3300, 3500, 3600, 3750 mm
  • Load capacity: 60 kN (6 tonnes)
  • Vertical working range Rise above dock up to 220 mm, Fall below dock down to 620 mm
  • Platform tear-plate thickness: 8/10 mm
  • Max. point load leveler platform: 6,5 N / mm² (8 mm tear plate)
  • Lip Type and Length: telescopic, 500 mm ergonomic lip, 345 mm
  • Lip Material: steel or aluminium
  • Control unit protection: class IP 54
  • Temperature range hydraulic oil: -20°C - +60°C
  • European standard: EN 1398 Dock levelers

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