ASSA ABLOY SL200 sliding door operators

ASSA ABLOY SL200 automatic sliding door is suitable for emerging markets, and the product can meet simple functions. It only requires a small installation space, which is easy to design and construct. It is an ideal choice for your entrance. ASSA ABLOY SL200 is easy to use, maintain and install. The size of the operator has been optimized to adapt to various installation sites. ASSA ABLOY SL200 contains various smart components designed and developed in Europe. The control unit is equipped with a controller, which has fast calculation and response speed; the design of DC motor and silent wheel can reduce noise and achieve low noise effect. The wireless transmitter remote control replaces the traditional program selector and can change the mode remotely. It can easily troubleshoot problems during the operating, which can minimize maintenance costs. It is an economical product. 

The application software of ASSA ABLOY SL200 has the following functions:

Fault monitoring, high security

High-precision encoder, precise control


ASSA ABLOY SL200-2‒Double leaves, double open

ASSA ABLOY SL200-R/L‒Single leaf, open right or left

Convenient parameter setting function

According to customer requirements and local rules and regulations, the installer can set the door open holding time, door opening/closing speed, half-open door position, etc..

Perfect self-learning function

When the ASSA ABLOY SL200 automatic sliding door operate, the system can automatically calculate the door weight and opening size and other parameters, and based on this, calculate the best opening/closing speed, acceleration/deceleration time, etc. Which can ensure operation always in the best condition.

Alarm function in case of failure

There is a display screen on ASSA ABLOY SL200, which can display possible errors of the manipulator, which can be easily diagnosed and repaired.

Obstacle detection function

If the ASSA ABLOY SL200 automatic sliding door encounters obstacles when closing the door, the door will automatically run in the reverse direction, and try to run again until it closes normally, which maximizes the safety of pedestrians. If you encounter obstacles and stop repeatedly during the opening and closing of the door, you need to check and remove the obstacles, and then give the door a push to recover by itself.

Technical description


  • Power supply: 200-240 VAC ± 10%;50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 75W
  • Max. door weight:
                     ASSA ABLOY SL200-2: max. 2x90 kg
                     ASSA ABLOY SL200-R/L: max. 110 kg
  • Clear opening width (COW):
                     ASSA ABLOY SL200-2: 800-2000 mm
                     ASSA ABLOY SL200-R/L: 700-1025 mm
  • Opening and closing speed:
                     ASSA ABLOY SL200-2: max.1.2 m/s
                     ASSA ABLOY SL200-R/L: max.0.6 m/s
  • Hold open time: 0 – 20 s
  • Ambient temperature: -15°C ~ +50°C
  • Relative humidity(non-condensing) Max 85%

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