Saving time,energy and protecting goods


To improve energy savings, working conditions and protect both people and goods from the elements, DSV chose a docking solution from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems that could do just that.

When DSV relocated operations from two previous locations to a new, single location in Landskrona, Sweden, they chose docking stations from from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, including overhead sectional doors complemented with a inflatable shelters with roller-design top seal.

Tightly sealed, whatever the vehicle size

The seal automatically activates when vehicles arrive and follows a vehicle's vertical movements, keeping it tightly sealed and protected when loading and unloading. It works equally well if the vehicle is low- or high-sided.

Safe and easy docking

Each docking station consists of a platform including a leveler with telescopic lip, a load house with integrated inflatable shelter, and an electric overhead sectional door. Together with the ASSA ABLOY Dock-IN White & Red, which offers a visual target, drivers can approach load houses in a safe and easy way.

Everything connected

Distribution and logistics facilities need entrances that make things happen at the right time in the right place, offering maximum protection for goods and people.

The doors and control units from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems are integrated with the DSV yard management system which automatically directs trucks to an available docking station. The doors remain inactivated until a truck approaches the correct docking bay. The system also gives information in real-time about which doors and docking bays are in use.

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