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Since January 1st 2016, Samyn and Partners has been using BIM on every design project. But architect Philippe Samyn has been pioneering the use of computers in architectural and engineering design for more than three decades. His office used the first graphic computer for design work, even though the math involved required a computer scientist with a PhD to operate the program.

Using BIM means that every member of a 30-strong design team, including everyone from geologists to local historians, has instant access to each other’s knowledge as well as all the design work up to that point. “It is very exciting because everybody discovers a better means of communicating,” says Samyn. “We go much deeper into the projects than we could ever do before – and so can the client.”

With more open, free-flowing communication between all parties, the design process is not only more efficient, it can actually go into more detail – detail that can be shared and understood by more people. And that includes the client. A true BIM convert, Samyn explains: “Every architect should use BIM to help them turn their clients' visions into truly livable buildings.”His take on the BIM revolution is simple: that the more we can harness sophisticated software, the more we are free to build sustainable modern buildings with locally sourced hardware such as mud, bamboo and rope.

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