High standards for hygiene

Regulations and certifications play a huge role in the design of a hospital. And for Jörgen Pell and his team at White Arkitekter, one of the key considerations when working on the New Karolinska Solna hospital was hygiene logistics. Together with ASSA ABLOY Pell developed the ASSA Hygienic Handle to prevent the unnecessary spread of bacteria between different parts of the hospital. The ASSA Hygienic Handle makes it easy to open the door without using your hands. Instead, you can open doors with the underside of your arm, so the bacteria on your hands never comes into contact with the handle.

Each area of the hospital has its own standards and regulations to comply with. Public areas, where automated doors control the flow of people, demand a greater number of security and fire precautions. Further into the hospital safety and security procedures change to take account of the level of access and specialized treatment areas. Working with ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, Jörgen Pell and his team were able to ensure all their automated doors met the required standards for each section.

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