Facilitating indoor goods flow

Facilitating indoor goods-flow in the cold area

Combining speed with security at the entrance

Supporting logistics inside and out


How can my entrances keep my business and goods secure?

Even if your business operates 24/7, you need to be sure that unused areas are closed off and that risk is minimized during loading and unloading. ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems combines reliable entrance operation with a range of monitoring options, as well as innovative solutions that prevent theft. These include solutions for opening truck doors only after docking is completed.

How can my entrances contribute to efficient and correct distribution?

Your entrances are more than just a way in or out. When they operate reliably, your employees can more quickly and easily get the right goods on the right vehicle. Products from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems are robust and well adapted for optimal function, and our Pro-Active Care plans offer preventive maintenance that safeguards their operation.

How can my entrances protect chilled goods?

Your entrances form a crucial barrier against heat, and ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems offers ample possibilities for protecting the cold chain. With our well-insulated doors and inflatable shelters, we can keep your goods safely chilled as they move in or out. We can even create a hermetic seal beneath the leveller, preventing energy losses from below as well as from above.

How can my entrances ensure a safe workplace?

Naturally, ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems fulfills all fire and safety regulations. But we also offer smart solutions that mitigate hazards and prevent human error – which causes far more accidents than equipment failure. In addition to guidance aids, for example, we offer synchronization solutions that keep doors from opening until the truck has reached the bay.

How can my entrances increase sustainability?

Lost energy is one of the “hidden” factors of entrance operation that affect both the environment and your bottom line. Tight-sealing and well-insulated products from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems save considerable energy, and our preventive maintenance can save even more. Ensuring fewer breakdowns contributes to a more stable interior climate, which benefits your goods and keeps energy losses to a minimum.

How can my entrances create a more comfortable workplace?

Energy efficiency contributes not only to sustainability, but also to the comfort of your workforce. The same insulation and tight sealing that prevent energy losses make products from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems ideal for maintaining the right indoor climate. We can even improve your workplace in other ways, for example through noise-reducing coatings.

How can I get the most from my facility in the long term?

ASSA ABLOY Entrance systems is a one-stop shop for every aspect of entrance automation. From building and equipping a new facility to optimizing its ongoing operation, we have the solutions and knowledge to support you. Naturally, we offer tailor-made colors and other options to match specific wishes. But we also maintain a high degree of standardization, with tight product specifications and well-established manufacturing procedures. That means solutions that are suitable for everyone.